A module is available for Woocommerce, please download it. You find it here inside

Integrations > Woocommerce

Upload module to Woocommerce

Go to the backend of woocommerce > Plugins > Add new > Click activate plugin

Setup in Woocommerce

Go to the backend of woocommerce > Settings > ProfitMetrics

Public key

You will find the public ID in ProfitMetric backend in the website tab next to the website name

Cost prices

ProfitMetrics’s plugin adds a field “Cost price” in the “edit product” view in Woocommerce

Here you should fill out the cost price on all products. 

Note: If you already have a cost price field from another plugin. We can use that. Go to the bottom of this article to find out how to use cost price field from other plugins. 

Xml Feed

ProfitMetrics Plugin generates a XML feed with you product, that is use to get all your product into ProfitMetrics and keep cost prices updates. Whenever you fill out a costprice in Woocommerce when creating a product, it will get updated in ProfitMetrics with the help of this feed. 

To get the feed, go to the backend of woocommerce > Settings > ProfitMetrics. Here is you fill find the feed. 

Copy the feed url and go to the backend of ProfitMetrics > Product feed. Now paste the feed and click the import “feed now” Button

Woocommerce - Use existing cost prices

Video is in Danish. Please contact support for english version. 

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