A module is available for Magento 1.9, please download it. You find it here inside

Integrations > Magento 1.9 integration

Installation instructions

There are 3 possible installation methods:
Magento Connect (recommended): Example on youtube
Direct file upload (by SSH): Example on youtube
FTP upload: Example on youtube

Profitmetrics Module Configuration

Before using the profitmetrics module you have to set up the Store Public ID. It is available in Magento admin: System > Configuration > Profitmetrics. 

Here is the description for all sections of the configuration page:

Enabled: Allows to enable/disable the module

Store Public Id: Frequency of updating of the feed file via cron job

Start Time: In the case daily frequency is used, the exact time when the feed isupdated by cron

Source for configurableproducts price: There are two options for configurable prices determination: 1) getfrom the configurable product 2) retrieve the minimal price of relatedsimple options.

Price Buy AttributeCode: Attribute code for price_buy attribute. There is a default attribute,created by this module, its code is 'price_buy'. In the case your storealready have the attribute, please specify its attribute code in this field.Look for the attribute in Magento admin (Catalog > Attributes >Manage Attributes and specify the attribute code

Feed Filename: This settings allows to set custom feed filename and its location. Bydefault the en is the store's locale). Please set the own if needed.

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